Tooth Extraction

Many people fear tooth extraction and believe it is a painful and damaging process. In reality, while tooth extraction is one of the most common fears when going to the dentist, it is a safe procedure only performed in a specific set of conditions. 

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What to expect with a tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is no easy decision, and we rely on state of the art digital x-ray equipment to make an informed decision. We also consider your dental and medical history as part of the diagnosis. 

The tooth extraction procedure can happen in two ways depending on the position of the tooth. The procedure is performed with an anesthetic agent to ensure a pain-free process. 

If the tooth is visible inside the mouth and sticking out of the gum lines, our dentistry team can use an elevator to loosen the tooth before extraction. We use forceps to remove the tooth safely. 

The surgical procedure is more complex when the tooth has not yet appeared outside the gum line or has broken off at the gum line. We need to make an incision cut on the gum to facilitate the extraction. 

Why do we recommend tooth extraction?

Dentists only recommend proceeding with a tooth extraction once they have examined and diagnosed the issue. More often than not, the treatment can proceed without requiring an extraction. 

When a tooth is too big to fit on your jawbone or to align with the surrounding teeth, we decide to remove the tooth. This often happens when your dentist diagnoses orthodontia that can’t be treated through the use of corrective devices. Sometimes, a tooth can’t break through the gum due to lack of room or its unique alignment. When a tooth doesn’t fit inside your mouth and is likely to cause issues, your dentist will suggest a tooth extraction. 

Severe damage to a tooth, such as after a trauma or decay, is one of the leading causes of tooth extraction. Indeed, when a tooth is beyond repair and can’t regain either its shape or function, we will advise you to have it removed to prevent further issues. The tooth can then be replaced with an implant or a dental crown. 

Finally, a dental infection can also encourage tooth extraction. This happens when the decay and damage to the tooth extend to the area containing the nerves and blood vessels, the pulp. When the pulp is affected, the first course of treatment is root canal therapy to clear the infection. However, tooth extraction can be the only solution when the infection is too severe. 

Gum disease inflammation can lead to a bacterial spread inside the gum and the bones around the tooth. If the infection loosens the tooth, the dentist may need to perform a tooth extraction. 

For patients with a weakened immune system, an infection occurring anywhere in the body can put your health at risk. In those special cases, your dentist can also recommend extraction over treatment.

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