Dental Emergency

Extreme tooth pain can be crippling, preventing you from being able to sleep, eat, and even think straight. Worse, sometimes extreme pain can arise quickly, and when that happens, immediate attention from an emergency dentist is often the only viable treatment option for making sure that the issue in question doesn’t escalate any further than it already has.

Signs you should seek emergency help

When a dental emergency arises, it’s typically a sign that a problem has been below the surface for a while, meaning that hesitating any longer could significantly worsen an established issue. That’s bad news both in terms of the pain you experience and the treatment options available, yet countless patients question whether they have a right to contact an emergency dentist in the first place. After all, pain isn’t always a sign of an emergency, so how exactly do you know when you should seek emergency dental help? 

Generally speaking, if you feel like the pain is severe enough for emergency treatment, then that tends to be a sign enough in itself that you could benefit from getting in touch. Other signs also worth looking out for include – 

  • Abscess or swelling in the mouth
  • Severe pain
  • Excessive dental bleeding
  • Fever linked to dental pain
  • A visibly broken tooth
  • Etc.

Understanding common dental emergencies

Ultimately, dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s impossible to know what’s going on without seeking a professional opinion. That said, some common dental emergencies that especially facilitate a trip to an emergency dentist may include – 

  • Gum inflammation: While gum inflammation can be a sign of various issues, it can cause severe toothache, facial swelling, and fever, all of which require immediate attention and expert diagnosis for ongoing dental and general health.
  • Broken/chipped/missing tooth: Lost or broken teeth are incredibly susceptible to infection, as well as leaving sharp edges that can cut your gums or tongue. This can lead to severe pain and, if left unaddressed, this issue can result in infected tooth pulp and even unnatural dental shifting.
  • Abscess: Infected pulp can lead to abscesses that, as well as being incredibly painful, can result in facial swelling, fever, and serious infection. Immediate attention is necessary for both providing antibiotics to treat the infection, and saving a tooth that you could lose otherwise. 

How to choose an emergency dentist

Immediate attention might be necessary when you’re experiencing a dental emergency, but that doesn’t mean you should jump into choosing an emergency dentist that’s not right. Instead, you should ensure quality treatment for these often serious issues by considering factors such as – 

  • The dentist’s reputation
  • Accessibility and waiting times
  • Facilities on offer
  • Treatment specializations
  • Affordability
  • Proximity
  • And more

Here at Burncoat Family Dental, we offer an emergency dentist service that you can trust without question, consisting of an expert team that will always go above and beyond to ensure your quick recovery. If you’re currently experiencing a dental emergency, you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to contact us for the help you need today.

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