Natural looking Dental Crowns

Teeth have limited healing abilities. So when you’ve got a damaged or a missing adult tooth, it will not be able to heal itself or regrow. Your dentist will mention the possibility of using a dental crown to give you back your smile. Dental crowns are highly effective because we can use them for a variety of situations. Our team of specialists at Burncoat Family Dental practice recommends crowns to our patients with:

  • Cavities that would be too large for professional cleaning
  • A fractured, worn out, cracked, crooked, or otherwise weakened tooth
  • A tooth that had a root canal procedure
  • An implant placed to replace a missing tooth
  • Severely discolored teeth that cannot be improved


Indeed, a dental crown can present many cosmetic and practical advantages. Crowns look like natural teeth, which means that the existing damage or gap becomes invisible. We appreciate that feeling confident about your smile can significantly improve your self-esteem and mental health. 

Additionally, the crown acts as a protective shield on top of the weakened or missing tooth. This ensures that you can maintain dental health and dental integrity. A tooth gap is one of the leading causes of tooth loss; therefore, using a dental crown can prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting position. 

What are dental crowns made of?

At Burncoat Family Dental, we use a variety of dental crowns to restore the function, size, shape, alignment, and color of your teeth. 

Crowns typically come in different materials, including metal alloys, porcelain fused metals, composite resin, ceramic, and porcelain. 

We always discuss the pros and cons of each choice with our patients to make sure they can make an informed decision. Most patients prefer porcelain crowns as the material looks the most natural in the mouth, and it is also one of the most durable materials for dental crowns. 

Dental crown procedure

During a first examination to assess the situation, we will determine whether the dental crown is the right solution. We will then prepare the spot and remove any loose elements or decay attached to the tooth. We will also take an impression of your mouth and tooth structure. 

The impression is sent to a dental lab to create a dental crown that can fit within your dental structure. The crown is also colored to match the color of your natural teeth. The process of creation takes approximately 2 weeks, during which the patient is fitted with a temporary crown. 

Once the crown is prepared, we replace the temporary crown with it. However, we use temporary cement to attach the dental crown. Indeed, most patients will need a period of adjustment to check the bite and the proper position. We replace the temporary cement with a permanent adhesive only when all the adjustments are made and you are comfortable. 

How do you maintain a dental crown?

With proper maintenance, your dental crown can last for several years. We recommend maintaining your brushing and flossing routine to protect your teeth. Keep up to date with dental checkups and appointments too. 

Do you need a dental crown to protect a tooth or hide a gap? Don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with our team at (508) 852-0168. You can also visit our practice at 363 Burncoat St, Worcester, MA. 

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