Dental Cleaning

Ensuring that your teeth are clean is essential for maintaining good oral health. When you come to Burncoat Family Dental for a dental exam, you will also have the option of getting your teeth clean. We recommend that you do this at least once a year, as it’s an excellent way to protect your teeth against a whole host of conditions and issues, such as damage and decay. 

Using the latest technology and practices in the world of dental care, we’ll ensure that you leave our facility with that “just left the dentist” clean feeling. As part of the cleaning, we’ll remove unwanted plaque and calculus (tartar) from the surface of your teeth. While brushing at home can help to minimize both of these, only a professional using specialist tools can remove them fully. If tartar and plaque are allowed to build up, they can cause gum inflammation and periodontal disease issues, among other unwanted issues. 

Dental cleaning also gives us a chance to look at your overall oral health. We’ll be able to identify any current or potential problems and conduct an oral cancer screening. The end result is peace of mind that your mouth is as healthy as it can be. 

If you’re ready to have your teeth cleaned, then be sure to make an appointment with us here at Burncoat Family Dental at your convenience. Simply get in touch, and one of our helpful members of staff will be happy to find a time and date that suits you.

Areas of Expertise

General Dentistry

Dental exams are an important part of your total health care. Our general dentistry covers exams, cleanings, fillings and more.

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Implants, Bridges, Crowns, Periodontics and extractions all play a role in maintaining oral hygiene and health.

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From teeth whitening to Invisalign, we help bring smiles to folks throughout Worcester, Grafton and surrounding areas.

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