5 Tips For A Bright Summer Smile

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Summer is here, so it is time to start preparing for fun in the sunshine. Whether you have a vacation planned or weddings to attend, the summer is a time when many people’s routines change. Whatever you are up to this summer, it is vital to continue your Oral Hygiene routine. Take a look at our top tips to protect your dental health and achieve a bright smile this summer and all year round.

  1. Stick to Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Summer is a time when all the usual routines are forgotten. For kids, this can mean staying up later and not sticking with their regular oral hygiene routine. But it is still crucial to make sure kids are taking care of their dental health. Supervising kids while they clean their teeth to ensure they floss and brush effectively will help to keep their teeth healthy throughout the summer. You could even use a timer or play a song to ensure the kids brush for long enough to make cleaning their teeth a fun activity.

  1. Refresh Your Smile

Taking care of the kids’ teeth is crucial, but maybe you want to enhance your smile this summer. The start of the summer is the perfect time to improve your smile ready for the weeks of fun to follow. If you want a whiter, brighter smile beaming back at you from your photos this summer, teeth whitening could be the perfect solution. Professional teeth whitening delivers impressive results and could transform your smile this summer.

  1. Be Sugar-Aware

Ice-cold fruit juices, ice cream, and fruit snacks are easy to eat and drink over the summer to keep cool when you are on the go. But while they may taste good, these drinks and snacks are all packed with sugar. These sugar-packed foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay and cavities from forming. 

Swapping sugary snacks and drinks for water, carrot sticks, and cheese cubes can help to cut down sugar consumption while keeping kids hydrated and fueled for more summer fun.

  1. Playing Summer Sports? Don’t Forget Your Mouthguard

Being outside and playing sports with their buddies is one of the best parts of summer for kids. But don’t forget to pack a mouthguard to protect their smile while they play. Wearing a mouthguard while playing sports such as football, basketball, and field hockey can significantly reduce the chances of dental injuries. So to prevent chipped teeth, cut lips, and teeth being knocked out, a mouthguard is a must!

  1. Schedule Dental Appointments for the Kids

Regular dental appointments are a crucial part of taking care of your kids’ teeth. The summer is an ideal time to get the kids booked for a dental appointment to check their teeth before they go back to school. Scheduling your appointment early will ensure you don’t miss out on seeing the dentist at this busy time of the year.

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